My services

My work focuses on results and developing capital value for my clients.

I (typically) work with businesses with a turnover between £250,000 and £20 million per annum – that phase between being a sole founder and having a ‘fully fledged’ management team. 

I tend to focus on the areas below, although please ask if you don’t see the skill you require.  The chances are that I probably will know someone of quality who can, even I don’t offer that service myself right now.


Helping you reach new target markets and existing ones more effectively

Using the experience gained working across many sectors, I can work with you and your team to ensure your sales and marketing is effective, efficient and has a positive return on investment.

I can also work with you to identify potential markets, build your growth plan and start selling to new customers, including those based overseas (using the experience in executive roles I’ve had reaching new markets in Canada, Australia, USA and New Zealand amongst others).

Key selling messages

Why should people buy from you?

Digital transformation strategies and plans

Using my knowledge of digital technologies and the start-up environment to drive new life into businesses and charities seeking to undergo change.

Channel strategy

How best to spend your marketing money, and whether via advertising, web, press, social media or print.

Social media strategies within a B2B context

LinkedIn and Hubspot in particular.

Market Research

Formal (and informal) market studies and competitor reviews, using the investigative skills gained in my audit and corporate finance career to work out what really is going on out there and how you compete more effectively.

Developing (simple) targeting systems

Use your selling time, team and money more efficiently.

Making CRM systems work for you

Is your data reliable, why building your own is better than buying it, and how do you use it once you’ve got it!

Business Metrics and defining KPIs

What things should you measure from your sales efforts and what to concentrate on more.

Partnership development

Can you leverage your product or service to sell more via partnerships or associate sales routes?


Helping you work on the business and not in it

As a multiple company founder and owner myself, I know how hard it can be to ‘find time’ to think about strategy and the future, whether you are in growth or survival mode.

I can work with you and your shareholders (if necessary) to work out what matters, where the focus of your thinking should be and most importantly work on your process and systems to ensure that your time is maximised on the future.


Helping you professionalise and working as a fractional sales and marketing director, interim managing director, strategy director or commercial director within your business

Business planning and investment readiness

Writing business plans, working on investment plans ahead of pitching for investment or external finance, due diligence reviews ahead or following investment rounds for owners and investors.

Deal origination

Helping professional services firms source dealflow and build structure and processes around their fee-earners to develop the pipeline.

Non-Executive Director services

Coaching you and your team towards the successful execution of your strategy and putting good governance into place.

Part-time executive services

Working as a fractional sales and marketing director, interim managing director, strategy director or commercial director within your business.