How digital is changing how we need to communicate

Some interesting Xmas reading – in, of all places, the ACCA magazine Accounting and Business. Who’d have thought…

Harry Mills, author of a new book (“Secret Sauce, presumably available on Amazon and all good high street stores), talking about how our messages need reinvention. Namely in the last two decades, driven by digital technology, consumers of information now skim rather than read, are conditioned to want everything faster and are becoming less and less tolerant of anything that requires patience. Which rings true to me, certainly, not least as someone with a language and literature degree who now finds completing a book something of an achievement (albeit consuming no doubt much much more content via articles, magazines and twitter than I ever did as a student).

Mills concludes with some helpful pointers on what to consider when putting marketing together, things i’ll be taking into the new year and working with I think since I like the trust of the argument. He notes that those who fail to deliver persuasive messages, fail for one of two reasons – unconvincing messages are rarely simple, or the core message hardly ever boils down to one central truth. In other words, fail to be authentic, fail to convince. And make sure what you say is simple. Interesting stuff.

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