Getting to the point of GDPR

I can’t be alone, surely, in thinking that the frenzy driven by GDPR consultants right now borders that which marked the Millennium Bug and its impact (or rather non-impact in most cases…)

Like most business owners I know, every week I get sent articles, offers of demos, events and consulting thrust my way.  And I get why – data is increasingly a mess as far as the business world is concerned and something needed to be done.  That said, it does feel like an advisor feeding frenzy is underway.

For what it is worth, I like the main emphasis of GDPR, the related e-privacy regulation and what both are setting out to do.  It makes sense as a consumer.  And it also makes sense as a business owner (why would I want to annoy my consumers, whether in B2C or B2B for that matter?!).  I also can’t help thinking that its enforcement will help business gain some much needed trust from the general public again (sorely overdue).

Amongst the chaos though there are some decent pieces of advice out there though.  One that I saw this week was a seminar given by Alexandra Leonidou ( at the Chartered Institute of Marketing Digital Summit.  Whilst her slides sadly aren’t available on line, I’m sure Alexandra would be happy to provide if asked.

One of her best pieces of advice was that in a complex B2C environment (or for that matter any customer facing website), why not use the compelling power of video to describe your data policies – in other words instead of a textual piece describing your policies, procedures and what you were asking the customer to assent to, why not use the directness of video content to show them more directly.  Not for all I recognise, but I thought an interesting piece of advice.

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