Why I am standing for ICAEW Council

This week I put myself forward for the West Midlands constituency election of a representative for the Council of The Institute of Chartered Accountants in England & Wales (or ICAEW for short!).  The Council is ICAEW’s supreme governing body, responsible for oversight of its activities. Council agrees ICAEW’s strategy and budget, delegating day to day operation to committees and staff.

I’ve been a proud member of the ICAEW for over 20 years after completing my training at KPMG Birmingham.  I would be delighted to represent the constituency if elected.  Here is my nomination statement – please feel free to vote for me if you are eligible to do so, I would welcome your vote!  Equally I face a very strong candidate opposing me so am taking nothing for granted and I am sure that he will do an excellent job if I am unsuccessful.  Here is my pitch though for what it is worth:

“Dear Member

I seek your nomination to Council as a representative of Birmingham and the West Midlands because:

  • The ICAEW needs proactive people helping to shape its future.  I too look at that renewal fee each year and reflect on the value it brings me before I press pay.  I am keen to ensure we uphold and further our reputation across the world and continue to make that decision an easy one.
  • I feel that I am a good candidate to work on your behalf because in my working life to date I have been part of many ways in which chartered accountants operate, including:
    • Working in professional practice assisting clients
    • Working in corporate finance for a growing boutique helping entrepreneurs and corporates grow and re-shape their ambitions
    • Working in industry, both in the UK and overseas in line management roles and internal audit roles
    • As a trustee of several local charities and interest groups, including currently as Chair of Finance for the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra
    • Running an SME (as I am now), creating and retaining jobs in the West Midlands economy
    • Helping mentor and develop the next generation, including a role as an Entrepreneur in Residence at a leading Midlands science park.
  • I have had some prior experience of working within the ICAEW and its structures, not least as President of Coventry and Warwickshire branch many years ago.  I enjoyed that experience, but feel that I have more to offer the Institute and its members hence this application.  With my broad range of experience above I also feel that I can represent your views, as members, more widely as a result.

I would be grateful of your vote and thank you in advance for considering my nomination.”

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